5 Misleading Myths About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a deadly disease that is a frightening specter for women. The cause of breast cancer is due to gene damage or mutation.

In addition, various risk factors are also closely related to breast cancer such as genetic (sex, age, family history, etc.) and environment (alcohol, obesity, radiation, etc.). However, the following myths are often believed by the public including:

Sleeping with bra causes breast cancer
Myth, sleeping with a bra can cause cancer, especially bra with wire. He said lymph flow can be disrupted resulting in a buildup of toxins that cause breast cancer. Studies prove there is no relationship between bra use and breast cancer. The use of bras during sleep is related to comfort. The use of tight bras during sleep can reduce blood circulation. However, for owners of large breasts it is advisable to sleep using a bra to prevent sagging breasts. Therefore, choose a bra that is comfortable, not too tight and not stretched while sleeping.

Breast cancer only attacks women
In fact, breast cancer can also be suffered by men, although it only attacks a small proportion when compared to women. The mortality rate of men with breast cancer is higher than women due to lack of awareness so it is too late to seek medical help. Of the two thousand men each year who suffer from breast cancer, as many as 400 people will die.

Using deodorant causes breast cancer
Research from the National Cancer Institute found no relationship between deodorant use and breast cancer risk in women. Other studies in the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal also prove the same thing. So, don’t be afraid to use deodorant anymore!

Lumps in the breast means cancer
Lumps that grow on the body are usually feared are tumors or cancer. Just as breast lumps are thought to be cancer. There are many other causes of breast lumps such as fibroadenoma (the most common benign tumor), lipoma (fat tumor), infection (mastitis), and so on.

Breast cancer decreases in families
It is true that there are mutations in the breast cancer genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA 2 passed down in families. However, that does not mean you will definitely get breast cancer when one of your family members also has breast cancer. Only 5-10% of breast cancers are inherited. Women who have the mutation gene are five times more likely to develop breast cancer. The remaining 90% of breast cancers are caused by lifestyle and the environment.

Breast cancer is indeed scary. But after reading various myths about breast cancer it is hoped that it can be an enlightenment for you.